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Jigyasa Research Centre provides a platform for academic research where anyone from “KG to PG” finds a conducive and healthy environment to carry out his/ her research. We have started to bring the unnoticed research into the mainstream. We help students and professionals to take up good topics for research.


  • CMRB (Community Mosquito Repellent Bank)

Our team has come up with an innovative idea “Community Mosquito Repellent Bank” to help prevent the people from the dangerous virus of Dengue. The concept of “JigyasaRnD” is just like a mosquito repellent. The CMRB is solar powered and has one distribution point in every school, hospital wards, government offices etc. The bank will be filled with a mosquito repellent solution which will be heated with the help of a solar panel and the fumes or vapours generated through this will be spread in each and every room of the building through ducting. The main advantage of the system is saving of electricity as it is solar powered and as the dengue mosquitoes are seen mostly in the day time the device does not need the battery backup. Therefore, the device will work completely on solar energy.

  • Vibrometer

A vibration sensing probe with a felt tip is connected with a holder. The holder is made up of foam plastic sheet. The probe is disposable.

  • Arthritis and Lung Cancer Detection using Image Processing

Lung Cancer Detection: Lung cancer is a disease of abnormal cells multiplying and growing into a tumour.  It may cause to death. So, it is important to detect this disease for recovery.In this project, Lung Cancer is detected on the basis of white patches in chest x-ray images by various methods of image processing.

Arthritis Detection: Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that results in a chronic, systemic inflammatory disorder that may affect tissues and organs, but principally attacks flexible synovial joints. This disease is commonly indicated by increased temperature. So, our objective is to measure the changes in skin temperature of induced RA limbs when comparing to normal by analysing ‘thermal images’.

  • Air sheet and Quadcopters

First Indian radio controlled gyrocopter

First Indian single engine radio controlled Airship: Lt 25ft & Ht. 7 ft.

Efficient Division Method for Binary System Based on Principals of Vedic Maths.

Energy efficient, fast binary division method.

Method developed by Team Jigyasa @ Embedded Creations

Copyright method inspired from Vedic Maths.

Principles of Nikhilam, Paravartya, and Dhwajank methods are used to develop the method.

Reduces the number of iterations, memory consumption and I/O operations.