Our Mission

Jigyasa Research & Development Center (JigyasaRnD) shares a broad understanding of what constitutes research and scholarly activities in different fields. On this platform the innovators and inventors from different arenas are part of an intellectual community and are engaged in research in their specialized fields.
The“Make in India” Dream can come true
Only when we collectively
“Think in India and Think for India.”

The concept of Jigyasa Research and Development Center

1.Network with specialist in their respective field.
2.Develop new skills and refine others.
3. Gain confidence in your abilities.
4. Gain joy of giving and sharing knowledge.

Coming together will attain new heights if we work on policy of “United We Stand”.


To design and develop innovative and useful products and technology,  help emerge new visionary engineers and researchers and encourage research oriented approach and inquisitiveness in every citizen of India.


To create an innovative and inventive  platform for research in every field.